What We Do

Here at Dip Creek Productions our mission is to create HD content that will help promote your business online, improve your social media video marketing or make your corporate videos stand out from the crowd.

Below are some examples of our recent work that highlight the type of video production services we can offer. Of course we are delighted to hear your ideas too and will work with you to create something in a style that works best for you.


Corporate video

This style of video tells the story of your business. We will capture images of what you do, interspersed with interviews to convey what you do and what your customers can expect.


montage style

This video shows how we can create a montage style advertisement to promote your business. We will chose a suitable backing track and can use graphic text, a voice over or both - whichever you prefer. We try to capture what is unique about your business and showcase it in a fun and informative way.


Testimonial style

A testimonial style video is a great style to show your product or service in action. It's a perfect way to let your customers do the talking! It lets potential clients know what to expect and see first hand how the product/service has worked for others.


video profile style

A video profile lets you tell your story and shows potential customers your work in action. You can tell people about your background and show them how your products are created or how your business works.



sports club

A short video can be a fantastic way to tell people what your club is all about. It shows potential members what to expect and captures how the club and practice sessions work. This can be done in a video profile or a montage style - whichever you prefer.


logo animation

We can animate your logo for use in your videos - giving them an even more professional edge. 





Other services we can provide:

  • Social media video marketing packages

  • Freelance filming in New Zealand

  • Freelance editing - we can edit content from anywhere in the world

  • Documentaries

  • Event Highlight Packages


We feel that HD video production services should be within reach of all clients, big or small. We listen to our clients and deliver a quality product. We are happy to discuss any projects. Don't be shy if you haven't tried something like this before - we will listen to your queries, take on your suggestions and provide you with a fair quote quickly.